Working with Children

hypnotherapy for children

A solution focused approach

Children are by far the best at using their imaginations for positive effect.  They are more in tune with their own creativity and unlike many adults, don't usually like to dwell on their 'problems'.

In fact, I don't talk about their problem at all and instead work with them to identify the skills they already have in order to build new ones to make any changes they would like.  To illustrate, a child who has a nail-biting habit, is encouraged to not consider this a problem at all, but rather to seek out the skills needed to learn to grow long and healthy nails.

With this shift in focus, the child can often easily identify ways by themselves of how they might be able to begin to learn this new skill.

The Mighty Helper!

Once the skill needed is recognised and agreed with the child, we then move on to identify who might be able to help us learn and practice the skill.  This could be a friend, family member, teacher or even a superhero character created by the child themselves for this specific purpose!

Rehearse the skill

Then comes the fun bit!  I will work with your child to mentally (or physically!) rehearse the desired behaviour or outcome.  I explain to them that this is exactly how professional athletes work with hypnotherapists - practice makes perfect!

The power of the imagination

Using the child's own wonderfully creative and vivid imagination, I can help guide them through a visual relaxation technique to extend this idea from the conscious to the subconscious mind, where it can become more of an automatic response. 

This is a perfectly safe, enjoyable and natural state of trance where the child is completely in control and having fun with the experience!

Celebrate success!

It is so important to celebrate your child's successes.  Your child will love feeling supported and it is often a good idea to plan a treat or celebration in advance of them achieving their goal for the first time. 

Set backs

Like all new skills, they can take time to perfect.  I talk about these times as 'times they forgot their skill" rather than viewing them as failures.

As with the skill itself, I prepare your child to build resilience for when they forget to use it.  For this, I ask them to suggest how they would like to be reminded of it, and who might help.  As long as your child continues the process, these times will be less and less frequent, until the new wanted behaviour is more fixed.